Build an iPad Prototype

I realized something yesterday during Steve’s keynote. For the first time, Apple is expecting third party developers to write apps targeted to a device that they have never held. If this new product was a laptop or another iPhone, this wouldn’t be a big deal. We have reference points for those. However, several of the […]

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OpenFlow: a CoverFlow API replacement for the iPhone

When I released my first iPhone app, Presenter, two months ago, Apple accused me of using their private iPhone CoverFlow API. After appealing to Apple & writing a blog post about my roadblock, Apple reversed their decision. Today at iPhoneDevCamp, I am releasing OpenFlow–a free, open source replacement for Apple’s private CoverFlow API. The initial […]

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My name is Alex, and I’m a software developer in San Francisco.

I dig Mac OS X, open source software, Objective-C, Java, Ruby on Rails and good design.

Drop me a line: alex at fajkowski dot com.
I’m available for iOS (iPhone & iPad), Mac OS X, Java & web contract software development.